Drinking and Other Type of Addictions

People sometimes try to cope with their problems in negative ways that include abuse of drugs or alcohol in order to feel better. Although these remedies seem to resolve problems immediately or act as an escape, later they might bring tragic results in the life of an individual, in the family and society overall. If we do not understand the dangers of excessive alcohol or drugs we might become addicted, spend a lot of time and money for treatment and may become trapped in a vicious cycle which is very difficult to resolve.

Therefore, if you have just started these habits, the following advice could be useful. Otherwise, if you have been using drugs or drinking a lot for a long time, you might be already addicted. If you are using more and more and your body shows withdrawal symptoms (your hands and legs shake, you feel dizzy and uncomfortable while not using), it is better to contact a treatment center or a rehabilitation center immediately.

First and foremost you have to understand that the the person in question or you yourself has to want to stop these negative behaviors. As in the rehabilitation centers, people experiencing these problems have to ask the following questions:

  • What disadvantages do you see in-abusing alcohol or drugs?
  • Did anything negative happen that made you feel guilty or regret later on because of your abuse of alcohol or drugs?
  • What changes could happen in your life, your family and society if you stop the addiction?
  • What did you do to help you decide to stop in the past? Why you stopped before? (The positive side of a firm decision helps make the decision again).
  • Who helped you stop the addiction? How could they help you again?
  • What could you do immediately to stop the abuse? How other individuals and organisations can help in this matter?

Once you ask these questions, try to make plans to change your behavior. Please ask for help from your family and friends. AN important point to remember is that you may fail in your plans and start drinking or using drugs again. This often happens to people who are trying to quit. If you fail, do not worry and try again. Otherwise, consider help from an expert.

For more information and help please contact TPO Nepal.