Engage with Family Members, Rituals and Ceremonies

When people encounter a problem they sometimes feel helpless and tend to keep it within themselves. They prefer to stay alone and ignore their needs and simple day to day activities. However, such behaviors may not be helpful in resolving their problems. There are ways to change them!

  • Remember - when family members, friends and neighbors stay together, assure and help each other, people tend to feel secure and confident enough to deal with hard times.
  • Take part in regular family activities. Eating together, helping each other carry out domestic duties will keep you busy and engaged.
  • Everyone has different values and beliefs, and beliefs within a family may even vary. It is important that each individual has his/her own opportunity to decide whether to participate in community and family rituals. When participation is voluntary, rituals may be helpful. When family and community members feel that they are obligated to participate in rituals, this can be damaging to their psychosocial wellbeing.

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